Studio Q Talks to Joy Rovaris and Nadji Jeter Talk About Bobbi Kristina Movie on TV One

Yesterday, I had a great time interviewing some of the cast from the upcoming TV One movie, Bobbi 
Kristina, premiering on TV One Sunday, October 8th at 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. CT. Joy Rovaris stars as 
Bobbi Kristina and Nadji Jeter plays Nick Gordon. The story delves into Bobbi Kristina's struggle to 
come to terms with her mother's sudden departure as well as the complexities of her own life. Opposite Joy Rovaris, Bobbi Kristina stars Demetria McKinney who embodies the heart, flair and essence of the legendary Whitney Houston. The film also stars Hassan Johnson as Bobby Brown, and Vivica A. Fox as Pat Houston. It is directed by child actor Ty Hodges and Executive Produced by Tracey Baker Simmons and Wanda Shelley, who were the creators of the docu-series Being Bobby Brown and The Houstons.

If you are a Whitney Houston fan, some of you might be put off by a movie about her daughter only two years after her passing.  Krissi's father, Bobby Brown and The Whitney Houston estate even sued to try and stop this movie from being aired.  But I say give it a chance, because this film really aims to share Bobbi Kristina's story which was often overshadowed by her larger than life parents.  Although I have not seen the film, I did get a look at a 10 minute trailer which really impressed me. The acting was great and I was eager to see more. What I loved most about this cast is that they are all Whitney Houston fans and would not be a part of something that bashed Bobbi Kristina. I will definitely be watching on Sunday.