Saturday, August 8, 2015

Coffin picture of Bobbi Kristina Brown, priced at $100K, hasn't found a buyer in the media

According to NY Daily News, The Bobbi Kristina Brown death picture is still up for sale, Confidenti@l has learned.  The National Enquirer, which published the last known picture of Bobbi Kristina when she was alive, in a hospital bed, has not purchased this final picture of Whitney Houston’s ill-fated daughter in her coffin, Confidenti@l has learned.”
“It is still up for sale,” one insider tells us. “It was offered for sale yet again last week after several of the weekly magazines had already gone to print. The asking price was $100,000 and shows Kristina looking peaceful in a pinkish-red dress.”  Many people thought the earlier image of the 22-year-old woman lying unconscious under a blanket in bed at the Peachtree Christian Hospice in Duluth, Ga., would have been the final image, but it is was not.  We’re told that media outlets are scared to purchase the coffin photo because it was taken by someone outside the Brown-Houston families.  “There is too much unknown about it. It seems someone came in after the families had left the funeral home and snapped a picture of her in her coffin. It’s not clear who owns the shot, since it is being shopped around through a third party,” says our source.

Sidebar: Hopefully it will not be sold like Whitney's was. So sad. 

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