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Happy Birthday Whitney [VIDEO]

Quencie and Whitney Houston at MTV in New York City Wishing one of the greatest singers to ever touch the microphone a very Happy Birthday today. Whitney Houston would have been 52 today.  I never thought she would leave us so soon nor could I imagine her daughter Bobbi Kristina would also being gone.  I pray so much for Cissy Houston and the rest of her family.  I can only imagine the pain they must be feeling about the lost of Whitney and Bobbi Kristina. Whitney Houston hugging Quencie on the red carpet of a Pre-Grammy Party Feb 9, 2012 I grew up loving me some Whitney Houston and dreaming about the day I could actually tell her how much her music had influenced me. Yes I know, that's every fans dream, but God actually gave me an opportunity to do just that. Re-live my dream come true interview with Whitney Houston by watching the video below. It was one of the best days of my life.