Monday, July 6, 2015

Russell Wilson Says He & Ciara Are Practicing Abstinence

According to The Source, Russell Wilson is Ciara‘s boyfriend, and that’s been official for some time now.  It is a safe assumption, that after a few months of being romantically involved, there has been some form of sexual intercourse. That’s not an unsafe presumption to make.
Well, if you think like we do, you’re apparently wrong. In a Q&A with The Rock Church in San Diego, as he sat down with someone he has apparent history with, Wilson detailed that he declared that he would be with Ciara before they even met, and they have yet to engage in the physical part of their relationship.
I told her…If you can really love somebody without that, then you can really love somebody.
Wilson is sticking to his religious guts, and later in the interview, he and his interviewer will share a joke alluding to the fact that he’s got marital plans for the “I Bet” singer, who, less than a year ago, was engaged to the rapper Future.
You can watch the full interview above, or skip to the Ciara segment, which gets kicked off shortly after the 22-minute mark.