Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Janet Hubert Blasts Kenya Moore -- Again

According to BET Centric, "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" actress Janet Hubert is still fuming over her alleged mistreatment on Kenya Moore's sitcom pilot "Life Twirls On." It seems she still hasn't been paid for her appearance in the project, so she's putting Moore on blast-- again.

In response to an article about Porsha Williams not apologizing for fighting Moore, Hubert wrote on Facebook:

"Girl shut the hell up. You are lucky that she didn't do worse. She took you down like a MMA champion.

You deserved every bit of that ass whooping that you got. You provoke people into attacking you, then act like you have done nothing. 6 months later and you still haven't paid me for my work. Screen Actors Guild is looking for you, keep running but I better not see my face being shown to anyone in the business with this pilot mess of yours...Okey dokey. This ish has folded up her production company in LA and run for the hills. Narcissist, and Sociopath wrapped up into a pretty package. I hope my union has learned a lesson with letting people like this use professionals in the business for story lines. It is not airing after the reunion show as is being reported. Thank you Bravo attorneys for contacting me."

The post has since been deleted from Hubert's Facebook page and Moore has not responded to the claims.
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