Monday, February 23, 2015

Must See: An Emotional Outtake from the Final Day of Filming on 'Selma' Set

According to Essence, while most of the world was tuning into the Oscars last night, director Ava DuVernay quietly tweeted an emotional behind-the-scenes video from the filming of Selma. The 57-second clip shows the movie's star, David Oyelowo, as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., filming the final scene of production. The minute DuVernay calls "Cut!" Oyelowo's tears (and ours) overflow. 
"I never shared this. I saved it for today. A special outtake of my hero. I love you, David. You are my Best Actor," DuVernay tweeted with the video, referring to Oyelowo being snubbed from a Best Actor Academy Award nomination.  Check out the emotional video above.  
Sidebar: Oyelowo definitely deserved a Best Actor nod?

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