Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mathew Knowles Sells Beyoncé Stuff at Garage Sale

According to TMZ the 63-year-old former music exec “is trying to make ends meet by unloading tons of her souvenirs from her career in a massive garage sale — which also features Solange stuff.”
The garage sale is taking place outside of Knowles’ Houston office and features items including a giant Beyoncé poster priced at $200, A Solange CD for $1.96, and various pieces of House of Deréon clothing.
Knowles is also selling some his office furniture.  No word yet what prompted the garage sale, but there is speculation that Knowles is struggling to pay child support for his two illegitimate daughters.
Sidebar: I'm sure Beyonce and Solange could care less about the stuff he's selling. 

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