Monday, October 13, 2014

Vivica A. Fox Says Not Having Children Is Her 'Biggest Regret'

According to Essence, Vivica A. Fox prides herself on being a great aunt and godmother. But the actress tells Oprah it’s bittersweet because she would have liked to be a mom.
“That's the biggest regret of my life that I have is that I didn't have a child,” she said on last night's episode of Oprah’s Where Are They Now, recalling a day where she saw Halle Berry soon after she had her daughter Nahla. “I said, ‘Wow she so beautiful.’ She said, ‘Vivica if I knew then what I know now I would've had 5 of them.’”

Fox recalls Berry saying the joy she saw in Nahla’s eyes was “like no other high” that she had ever experienced. “I don't get to see my eyes in a child,” says Fox. 

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