Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lamar Sally Rejects Sherri Shepherd’s Divorce Settlement

According to Sister to Sister, apparently, $100,000 isn’t enough for Sherri’s Shepherd’s estranged husband Lamar Sally who’s reportedly rejected that financial settlement from the former “The View” co-host.
The two are working out the details of a custody and divorce settlement after their brief three-year marriage. In addition to the one-time $100,000 payment, Sherri also offered to provide $3,000 in monthly child support for Lamar’s son, who is not biologically hers, reports.
Sherri and Lamar wed in 2011 with what sources described as “an ironclad prenup;” however, he is contesting the agreement.
According to sources, Lamar wants Sherri to increase that number by $7,000.
“Lamar rejected the offer and countered that he wanted $10,000 child support, which Sherri thinks is ridiculous and absolutely won’t pay,” said the anonymous source. “At this point, the divorce isn’t likely to settle without a trial.”
Though Lamar is seeking more financial assistance from Sherri, their prenuptial agreement doesn’t require that she pay spousal support. With that in mind, some might consider Sherri’s offer generous, but following Lamar’s rejection, the two are expected to head to court.
“She has excellent lawyers in California and will let the process decide what if any financial obligation she has in regards to child support,” the source told
Sidebar: Either this guy is  crazy or there is a side that we have not heard yet. Wow. 

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