Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Christina Milian's Reality Show Picked Up By E!

According to the YBF, Christina Milian is heading to E! in a new docu soap titled “Christina Milian Turned Up.” The show will follow Christina's career, love life, and her relationship with her Cuban-American family” including her mother/manager, Carmen, and her sisters Danielle and Liz.
Jeff Olde, Executive Vice President of Original Programming & Development said, "We simply adore Christina. She’s young, vibrant and a highly accomplished artist who has a hectic life balancing the glitz and glamour of celebrity, and the rough and tumble world of hip hop, with the more relatable moments of being a mom, newly back on the dating scene, and trying to make things better for her family.”
Over on Instagram, Christina celebrated the announcement by posting,
"So it looks like the cats out the bag!! Lol.. I can officially announce that my docu-series with E! network has been picked up!! Along with @heartbreakkid87_ @danielle_milian @mamamilian @laurenrod8 on board for the Crazy ride.. Airing top of the year 2015! Be on the lookout.. Music, my friendships, Family and so much more. It's time for you to get a peak in."
Sidebar: Good look for Christina Milian. Congrats. 

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