Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Whitney Houston Biopic Actor Defends Lifetime Movie

According to The Hollywood Reporter,  Arlen Escarpeta insists that the upcoming biopic about Whitney Houston, directed by Angela Bassett, does justice to the late singer.  "Let her rest,"  was Whitney Houston's mother's message for the makers of the upcoming Lifetime biopic about her daughter.  But the actor who plays Bobby Brown in theAngela Bassett-directed TV movie told The Hollywood Reporter that while he understands where the late singer's family is coming from, he thinks the project honors her memory.  "I really do feel like it does do her justice, and at the same time, I do understand their reservations," Arlen Escarpeta told THRMonday night at the premiere of his new movie Into the Storm. "That's close to home. That's family. You have to respect family when it comes to matters of the heart. Respect to those guys absolutely. I understand that you do want to keep a bit of distance. If and when they do see the film, they'll see it came from a place of love."

He also thinks the Houston film turned out well, telling viewers, "Prepare yourself." "Angela Bassett is such a phenomenal director and to tell that story from the inside out was a pleasure," he said. We shot the film with love, we approached it with love and I really feel like we have something special there. Yaya [DaCosta, who's playing Houston] did a phenomenal job … I have no complaints. I'm truly head over heels just blessed and happy."

Sidebar: For a Whitney film that needs no defending check out our documentary on Whitney.  It is the best thing you never saw about Whitney. There is no controversy because it is all love. Do yourself a favor and purchase, For The Love of Whitney by clicking here. There are only a few left (35 to be exact) as this is not some mass produced item. We idolized Whitney Houston growing up, so this documentary only offers a positive perspective on her life. The negative headlines have already been well documented by mainstream media.

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