Monday, July 14, 2014

8th-Grade Metal Band Signs $1.7M Record Deal

According to the Root and  Spin magazine three black eighth-graders – guitarist Malcolm Brickhouse, 13, bassist Alec Atkins, 13, and drummer Jarad Dawkins, 12 – who make up Unlocking the Truth, just signed a record deal with Sony that could bring the Brooklyn, N.Y. trio as much as $1.7 million.  The deal guarantees the teens two albums with a "$60,000 advance on their first album and up to a $350,000 advance on their second." If the venture proves to be a success Sony can pick up the group's options bringing in as much as $1.7million for as many as six albums. Their most recent gigs were at this year’s Coachella festival in California and opening for metal heavyweights Guns and Roses. 

Sidebar: Congrats! 

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