Friday, June 6, 2014

Whoopi Goldberg Gives Justin Bieber A Pass For Racist Joke and Saying The N-Word

According to BET Centric, Whoopi Goldberg isn't too upset over Justin Bieber dropping the N word. The ladies of “The View” weighed in on the controversy and it appears as if Goldberg is giving Bieber a pass. Why would she do such a thing, you ask? Because he’s Canadian.
Goldberg explained to her co-hosts and audience that the N-word doesn’t mean anything in Canada. And how does she know this? Because she filmed a movie there once (the jokes write themselves, people). This is historically inaccurate, by the way. Goldberg stated:
You know, Canadian words — I’m going to say the word so get ready to bleep me. N*gger doesn’t mean anything in Canada,” Whoopi said during a recent taping of “The View.” “And how do I know this? Well, I did a movie last year, in Canada, and a young, wonderful Canadian woman wrote it, and I’m reading it and I’m thinking, ‘We wouldn’t say anything like this.’ So I went to the director and I said, what is this? And he said, oh, she lives here. And I said so she doesn’t know anything, she doesn’t get what we’re talking about.
What I’m saying is that, when you are 15 and you’re someplace where that’s not a word that you have associated with people of color…they weren’t calling them that.
You may not agree with the Goldberg, but you can count on her to give her no-holds bar opinion.  She recently said Jay Z had every right to hit Solange back in the elevator-gate scandal. The talk show host also defended Mel Gibson’s racist rants and Ted Danson doing blackface in her honor.
Sidebar: I love me some Whoopi Goldberg but I am not riding with her on this. And I cannot believe she said that word doesn't mean anything to people in Canada. I would like to talk to the black people there and find out. To just go by her one example is not enough. Based on Whoopi's past opinions I am not surprised by her comments nor her giving Justin a pass. But I so disagree. He knew what he was doing then and now. And what's crazy is I'm sure Justin Bieber has said, and will say the N word again and again and none of the people around him will care. But to say he doesn't know how serious the word is because he's from Canada and the word means nothing in Canada is down right laughable. Isn't Whoopi a comedian? Hmm..Maybe this was a joke. Not funny. 

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