Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tracey Edmonds NAMED Co-Host Of "Extra"

According to THEYBF, Tracey Edmonds film producer ("Soul Food") and ex-wife of BabyFace has just landed one of the most visible TV jobs in the world.  For the kickoff of Season 21, Tracey will join Mario Lopez (above) and Charissa Thompson as co-host of Extra, the second-longest running entertainment newsmagazine program in the US. In a press release from Extra, Tracey expressed her excitement saying,
“I am thrilled to join ‘Extra’ and am so excited about being a part of such a dynamic and progressive entertainment show. I look forward to working with Mario, Charissa, Lisa G and her whole team. ‘Extra’ already set the bar high, but I look forward to contributing new ideas and exploring new horizons on the show as I enter the next chapter of my career.”
Lisa Gregorisch-Dempsey, Senior Executive Producer of “Extra” added,
“Tracey Edmonds is one of the most accomplished television forces in Hollywood. She is already a star with A-list relationships. Charissa Thompson is one of the quickest, sharpest and best interviewers on sports TV and was born to juggle the demands of fast-paced television. From the moment I put Tracey and Charissa on stage with Mario, their chemistry was off the charts. They are generous with each other, they complement Mario, and together they will be an unstoppable team that will take ‘Extra’ into the future.”
Tracey will debut on “Extra” during its 21st season premiere on September 8th, 2014.
Sidebar: Congratulations Tracey! 

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