Monday, June 2, 2014

Mike Epps Allegedly Beats up Comic for Telling Jokes About him

According to TMZ, Comedian Mike Epps allegedly took part in beating down a comic in Atlanta who reportedly cracked a few jokes mocking the Kevin Hart/Epps "feud."  Atlanta Police is investigating an alleged fight that went down Saturday night at the Uptown Comedy Corner. The alleged victim, Lavar Walker, told police someone told him that Epps was waiting outside the club to speak to him. When Walker got outside, he told police he was struck in the face by Epps and then attacked by Epps and two other men. Walker was transported to a nearby hospital for treatment (see his injuries below).  A rep for the Atlanta PD tells TMZ thus far, no arrest warrants have been issued. 

Sidebar: Really? Over jokes. Comedy is the wrong profession to be sensitive. 


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