Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Michelle Williams 'Say Yes' Music Video Featuring Beyonce and Kelly Rowland

According to Huffpost, Michelle Williams' 'Say Yes' music video is basically a Destiny's Child Reunion.  She enlisted Beyonce and Kelly Rowland to sing on her new gospel track and debuted the song's music video on "Good Morning America"on Wednesday, June 18. When the single first "leaked" -- Williams claimed an "unmixed and unmastered" version debuted online too early -- the #PoorMichelle meme picked up steam again (sad!), but it's probably time to stop laughing at Williams because she gets to hang out with Bey and we don't. Even if "Say Yes," which is, yes, all about Jesus, isn't your jam, the music video is basically a Destiny's Child dance party. We can all get behind that. "Say Yes" is off Williams' new album "Journey to Freedom," out Sept. 9. Check out the video below.

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