Saturday, June 28, 2014

Eddie Murphy Headed To Detroit To Film 'Beverly Hills Cop 4'

According to Centric, Eddie Murphy is headed to Detroit.  One of Hollywood’s biggest names will be seen around Motor City as he films the fourth installment of the 1984 classic Beverly Hills Cop. The Michigan Film Office announced on Thursday that the movie would be shot in metro Detroit and nearby locales.
Murphy’s role as Alex Foley, a brash Detroit cop who takes his skills to Beverly Hills, catapulted his career to superstardom in the mid-80s. Directed by Brett Ratner (Rush Hour), the new storyline abrupts Foley from his lavish Beverly Hills life sending him back to Detroit. He’ll encounter harsh realities and old foes in “one of America’s most tenacious cities,” says the Michigan Film Office statement.
Detroit Free Press reports that the new film has been approved for $13.5 million in Michigan film incentives based on $56.5 million in anticipated spending in the state. This is good revenue news for Detroit considering its bankruptcy, which recently led to the announcement that the city would begin cutting off 150,000 of its residents' water.
The project is also projected to hire roughly 352 Michigan workers, or a full-time equivalent of 318 jobs.
Beverly Hills Cop was a blockbuster hit when it debuted in 1984. It went on to create two sequels in 1987 and 1994. The franchise has grossed approximately $735 million worldwide.
Per DFP, Detroit’s former police commander and city council president, Gil Hill, appeared in all three films as Foley’s police inspector boss. The film’s return to the Motor City makes it the second largest project in the spotlight of MI film incentives only following Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  The film is slated for a March 2016 release.

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