Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bobby Brown Opens Up About the Whitney Houston Lifetime Movie [VIDEO]

Grammy award-winning artist Bobby Brown opened up to "The Insider With Yahoo" co-anchor Kevin Frazier about his feelings regarding the Lifetime television movie being made about the life of his late ex-wife, superstar Whitney Houston. While discussing his opinion of the upcoming biopic about Houston, Brown explains, "Nobody has talked to me about it. I haven't been asked any questions. I don't know what the story is about. I wish whoever is directing it or writing [it would] come talk to me, I'd be willing to talk to you. If it's going to be a story, I really want it to be told right, because there has been enough garbage out there about us. [If] someone really does a movie, it should be the truth, and the truth is a lot better than the fiction that they have made up about us." He also explains that if he could decide who would portray him in the movie, he would play himself, stating, "I can act. I can play me. I can lose a few pounds. I can grow the Gumby back." Check out the interview below. 

Sidebar: I hope they do talk to Bobby Brown, at the very least for accuracy. It is his story too. It would be cool for Bobby to be in the movie at the end, but I think they need a younger Bobby in the beginning of their love story. As far as a movie on Whitney and Bobby with no music, um where they do that at? I hope they get that music situation solved. We need to hear Whitney and Bobby music. 

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