Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Aaliyah's Family To Shut Down LIFETIME'S Planned Bio-Pic

Any plans to turn the life of Aaliyah into a small screen film will be blocked by the singer's family - says Barry Hankerson, Aaliyah's uncle and former manager.  Barry told TMZ that the family has contacted a lawyer and vows to block any attempt LIFETIME makes to produce the film or use Aaliyah's music.  Their main issue is that NO ONE from the network asked for their involvement!  According to TheYBF, a similar situation happened a few years ago when the family shut down Drake's plans to release an album dedicated to Aaliyah.  This is much like Whitney Houston's family, they believe their "star" deserves the silver-screen treatment.  
Sidebar: I have two points of view. On one hand I don't know why Lifetime would want to do biopics without some involvement with the people who knew her best. It would be more authentic.  On the other hand if you have the family so closely involved the movie may not ever get made based on their desire to control every aspect. What family wants the worst parts of their deceased loved ones life played out on the small screen. But if I'm Lifetime it's like we can't censor everything to fit your perspective. I think too much involvement with the family would also halt production because they are bound to get mad about something. I think in the end it would be hard to please everyone unless the family did it themselves, which has not happened by the way. I don't see much of anything amazing from the estates of deceased famous people. Well, maybe Michael Jackson and Elvis, but that's pretty much it. If you are going to block Lifetime, please do something 10 times better. Honor their memory, don't just get mad when someone else wants to do it. I think it will probably be difficult to block these biopics.  I'm sure Lifetime hashed this out with their lawyers before they greenlit the project. 

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