Friday, May 2, 2014

Chris Brown To Spend 25th B-Day in Jail

According to Centric, sfter seven weeks in jail, Chris Brown's bail was once again denied during a hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court. Brown, 24, was hoping to be out in time for his 25th birthday on May 5, however he will be spending at least one more week in jail. "He's doing remarkably well under the circumstances," Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos told CNN. "It's a challenging situation to be in." His next hearing is set for May 9, followed by his assault trial in Washington, D.C. scheduled for June 25.

Sidebar: Most of his wounds are self-inflicted so I don't feel sorry for him. Maybe he will learn what he needs to and stay out of jail this time. We all have to grow from something and ultimately become accountable. His turn. 

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