Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Torrei Hart Speaks On Divorce From Kevin Hart

Torrei Hart, ex-wife of Kevin Hart, held nothing back in a recent interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine where she spoke on the former couple's divorce and the comedian/actor's current relationship with girlfriend Eniko Parrish.  Torrei admits to being hurt by the split from Hart after just six years of marriage and explained that she needed a moment to get herself together. 
"It’s so painful. I just feel like there’s ways to do things, too," she said. "When we first split up, I took a lot of time to just heal. I feel like he hasn’t even really healed, because he went from one relationship right into another relationship.”She and Kevin wed in May 2003, had two children together and were drawing up divorce papers by February 2010.  In Torrei's mind, with Kevin's huge success, her replacement stepped into a pretty sweet deal, with little to no effort. The star has referred to Parrish as his "rib" in past interviews, but Torrei just doesn't see things that way. "It’s easy to be somebody’s rib when you’re a millionaire. That’s just me being as honest as I can," Torrei said.  "Me, for instance: You’re working at City Sports and I’m taking you to your shows, you’re driving my car, you’re crashing my car several times, and I’m still there for you, supporting you, went out and got a job for the phone company and still making sure I got your back so you can pursue your dreams…That’s what ribs do!"  Still, Torrei believes she and Kevin are on better terms these days and are rebuilding their friendship. "We go through our periods, but I would say that we’re getting closer. We’re working through stuff," she said.  Torrei will likely dish all the goods on her relationship with Kevin in VH1's Atlanta spinoff of the reality series Hollywood Exes, also starring Tameka Raymond (ex-wife of Usher Raymond), Sheree Buchanan (ex-wife of former pro football player Ray Buchanan), Monyetta Shaw (ex-fiancée of Ne-Yo), Shanna Moakler (ex-wife of Travis Barker) and Christina Johnson (ex-wife of CeeLo Green).

Sidebar: Torrei went IN about the rib didn't she. Any woman would be a little salty if you are the wife that basically helped build the foundation for your husband to soar and then you he actually cheats on you and enjoys his breakthroughs with somebody else.  Happens all the time but it doesn't make it any easier to see.  Check out our interview with Torrei from awhile back below.

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