Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Samuel L. Jackson Performs Slam Poetry on Fallon

Samuel L. Jackson made a '90s sit-com hip again by doing a poetry slam describing the plot of Boy Meets World on The Tonight Show. He later admitted to Jimmy Fallon that he'd never seen the classic coming-of-age sitcom.

Later on NBC, Nick Cannon continued to explain donning white face to promote his upcoming album, White People Party Music. On Tuesday's Late Night, he said it was an homage to fellow provacatures such as Sacha Baron Cohen, and the late comedian Andy Kaufman. Host Seth Meyers wasn't offended by the white face or the name. Rather -- it made him feel uncool that he owned the same shirt as Cannon's character, Connor Smallnut.

And over on Arsenio, Golden Sisters, Mary Bartnicki, Josie Cavaluzzi, and Teresa Dahlquist, read Wiz Khalifa's lyrics for "Young, Wild, and Free" and actually managed to make it more risqué than it already is. Fortunately, Wiz is right there to clear up some of their questions. Wiz even broke out an a cappella performance of the song.

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