Saturday, April 19, 2014

Lil Mo Drops 'No Sh*t Sherlock' Mixtape Featuring Da Brat

According to BET Centric, Lil is taking no prisoners!  The singer and reality TV star, 35, has released has released No Sh*t Sherlock, a 12-track mixtape that finds her remixing the music of Jhene Aiko ("The Worst"), Rico Love ("They Don't Know"), Chris Brown ("Loyal"), Lauryn Hill ("X-Factor"), and the recently released cover of Nicki Minaj's "Lookin' Ass."  Not one to mince words, no topic is left unaddressed: Her recent divorce from her husband, her new found dating life, perception that she is washed up, and her return to music; seem to take center stage in the form of uncensored rapping backed by her gospel tinged vocals.  No Sh*t Sherlock features musical appearances from Tiyon "TC" Mack ("I Am Love"), Chris Constantine ("Best Believe It"), and rapper Da Brat ("Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyaltyyyy").   Mo is currently recording her fifth album The Scarlet Letter, which is slated for release this summer. Listen to her mixtape below: 

Sidebar: I love the sound, the music, her rapping, and her singing. But these ratchet ass lyrics! I mean wow Lil Mo. lol! This is my first time listening to her music and I have to say her music compliments her Instagram account perfectly. Where is Mona Scott? She need to let Lil Mo write the entire Love & Hip Hop soundtrack and then give her a show. At least her ratchedness is rooted in real talent. Lol! Go Lil Mo,  I can listen, but I would never let my nephews hear this. This is grown folks music. And oh yeah, she is going in on her husband...HARD!  I definitely will be tuning in to R&B Divas LA to get the tea.

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