Friday, April 11, 2014

Arsenio Hall Stand-Up Showcase at The Comedy Store

Last night, Studio Q attended a weekly comedy show called "Crack' Em Up Thursdays" in The Belly Room at the world famous Comedy Store.  Presented by Nichelle Murdock, owner of Fly Star Entertainment, the Crack' Em Up stage is where some of the hottest and upcoming comedians make sure we get our laugh on.

We got a chance to interview a few of the comedians who performed including: Douglas Howington, DC Ervin, Carmen Barton, Josh Adams, and Ron Taylor.  They were not just telling jokes that night, they were actually auditioning for an opportunity to be on The Arsenio Hall.  This was the official Arsenio Hall Stand-UP Showcase.  They all were excited and expressed how being on The Arsenio Hall Show would be an amazing opportunity.  We also spoke with  Owen Smith, who is a writer on The Arsenio Hall staff. We asked him what kind of advice would he give to the comedic hopefuls.  Watch the video below to find out what Owen Smith says every comedian should do when performing for a showcase.


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Thank you Quenice!! we love it!!