Monday, March 17, 2014

Fantasia's Former Publicist Claims He Was Fired From Sony Music Because He's Black

Fantasia and Brandy’s names have been dragged in a discrimination lawsuit against Sony Music by Fantasia's former publicist, Courtney Barnes.TMZ reports that Barnes was hired as Fantasia’s publicist last year only to be fired days later. In Barnes’ lawsuit he claims Fanny’s manager told him a Vice President at Sony hated him and wanted him booted. He claims this unnamed VP wanted him gone so bad he threatened to screw Fantasia over if she didn’t drop him.
Barnes also claims Sarah Weinstein Dennison, the company's Vice President of Publicity, formed her opinion on him based on hearsay of his “shady business practices.” In the lawsuit he insists that “shady business practices” is coded racial language.
The publicist says he’s only met Dennison once so there’s no way she could have formed an opinion on his character. According to Barnes, being fired ruined his career and blocked his opportunity to represent singer Brandy.
He’s suing Sony Music for ruining his reputation and stress. He says he could’ve made $250,000 had he not been fired.  Sony believes the lawsuit and claims have zero validity. 

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