Sunday, February 2, 2014

Shonda Rhimes Is 'A Little Pissed Off' By Diversity Award

According to BET Centric, Grey's Anatomy and Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes managed to score the Diversity trophy at this year's Directors Guild of America Awards and school her peers on the importance of cultural inclusion. On Saturday, she and production partner Betsy Beers took the stage to accept their honor, but not without the 44-year-old showrunner expressing her slight disappointment in being given the award.The celebrated showrunner argues that diversity in entertainment should be mandatory.  During her speech, Rhimes stated:
"When I heard I was getting an award I was really, truly, profoundly honored. I began to get calls from Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, etc., and I was asked to comment on the award. Asked how good I felt about the award. Asked if it made me feel like I was doing the right thing. Asked if it had been a struggle making diversity happen on my cast and crews. While I'm still really and truly profoundly honored to receive this award, but I was also a little pissed off. So was Betsy. So over many, many, many bottles of wine we discussed this. Betsy and I are being applauded and given an award for something that we should all be doing. There shouldn't need to be an award!"
Rhimes went on to thank the DGA for their efforts but said "diversity is not an effort or an initiative," and encouraged the hiring of people of all backgrounds.
And just like that, Rhimes and Beers walked off stage to a standing ovation.

Sidebar: I agree Shonda, but in the meantime let's continue to give out diversity awards.  Reality says it's 2014 with a black president and they still are not including brown people who now make up most of the world. But if you watch TV you'd never actually know it. This is not by accident.  We are a long way off from not needing diversity awards.  That's like being mad there is a black history month. Sure if our history was included we wouldn't need it, but since it's not thank God we have it, even if it is the shortest month of the year. At first, it was a week, so I'm grateful to have a month that is recognized nationally just like I'm glad they had to stop and recognize Shonda Rhimes. At one time there was no diversity or awards or black showrunners.  So I'd rather save my pissofity for something else.

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