Thursday, February 6, 2014

Angela Bassett Covers March Issue of Ebony

Angela Bassett covers the EBONY March 2014 issue as the magazine salutes Black Hollywood.  According the theybf.com, Angela may be strong, poised and resilient, but the mom of two is also opening up to about her moments of doubt and insecurity.  As the actress (who's actually super bubbly in real life) reflected on moments when it was hard to secure a role, she offers the following advice on how to keep going:
“You’ve got to keep a good attitude. You can’t think, ‘This is it [during the lean times], because that’s when it’s going to break open for you. You’ve got to be ready; you’ve got to be prepared.”
“Whatever you’re dealing with seems like a mountain to you, but we truly aren’t in it alone. Sometimes we need others to talk us off the cliff or to just talk to us or to be there with us [in order] to support us or love us.”

Despite being a part of Hollywood’s elite and being armed with an Ivy League degree from Yale University, Angela also discussed why pursuing excellence and staying grounded is so important to her.

“I understand where I come from; the strength and the people I come from. I know what has been endured and sacrificed.”

Sidebar: I love Angela Bassett.

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