Saturday, January 18, 2014

Steve McQueen Responds To Critics Of '12 Years A Slave'

According to Deadline, The Oscar-nominated director of 12 Years A Slave was on The Arsenio Hall Show tonight addressing his critics and weighing in on why he believes Hollywood had never created “a real portrayal of slavery.” Steve McQueen says his film is about survival and love, and he credits Barack Obama for “allowing artists and filmmakers to have the authority” to tell the slaves’ story. Watch the clip below.

Sidebar: I love what McQueen says in the clip below. I saw '12 years a Slave' and I thank him for making the movie. It was the first time I saw a black man depicted in a movie as free in America during slavery.  It was surreal to see Solomon go from one way of life to the brutal world of slavery.  I was forever moved by this film and middle finger to all the critics who have something to say about the violence. Blame slavery and those who supported it and were a part of for the brutal violence not McQueen. Nobody says oh that movie about holocaust was just too violent. Give me a break! This was a true story and I'm sure McQueen couldn't begin to include all the violence that actually went down against black people because we'd still be at the movie theater.  Slavery happened but everyone wants to make light of it. Well, it wasn't light, it was heavy, and I agree with McQueen when he said "Either I was going to make a movie about slavery or I wasn't."  Thank God he did. It honors the truth and keeps it alive for generations to come who need to be educated on the past.

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