Saturday, January 18, 2014

Rare Photos of Martin Luther King at Home

The Kings at Home
Born in Atlanta, Martin Luther King Jr. moved to Montgomery, Ala., with his new wife Coretta in 1955 after King accepted a position as pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. King met Coretta while he was studying for his Ph.D. at Boston University and they were married in June 1953. Yolanda, their first child, above, was born in November 1955.
King said in an interview that this photograph was taken as he tried to explain to his daughter Yolanda why she could not go to Funtown, a whites-only amusement park in Atlanta. King claims to have been tongue-tied when speaking to her. "One of the most painful experiences I have ever faced was to see her tears when I told her Funtown was closed to colored children, for I realized the first dark cloud of inferiority had floated into her little mental sky."
Family Time
King and Coretta sit at their dining room table with their daughters Yolanda and Bernice. They also had two sons, Martin Luther King III and Dexter.
Though King treasured the time with his family, his busy schedule frequently kept him away from home, leaving Coretta in charge of raising the children.
Light in the Kitchen
When he was home, King spent his days composing sermons and speeches. This photograph was taken by James Karales, one of only a few photographers whom King permitted to photograph him at home.
In Song
Coretta, a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music, reluctantly gave up a career in music when she married King.
The Horror
On April 25, 1960, Atlanta Ku Klux Klansmen burned crosses in front of several black homes in the city. The King residence was one of the houses that were targeted.

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