Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Toya Wright Arrested In Atlanta

Toya Wright found herself behind bars in Atlanta on Tuesday for an incident that her manager is calling a "misunderstanding."  TMZ reports the ex-wife of Lil Wayne and reality star was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in College Park, GA when a cop noticed a warrant out for her arrest. She was cuffed for outstanding parking tickets and booked at a nearby station.  Wright's manager Corey Blackwell told Rolling Out that the situation was "based on something that was paid for but that wasn’t cleared out of the system."  Wright was released early Wednesday morning on $290 bail.  Toya tells us the whole thing stemmed from a speeding ticket that "slipped through the cracks."But Toya, who appeared on the reality show "Tiny and Toya" -- is adamant she will never go back to jail because she's so traumatized by the things she saw on the inside. Toya wouldn't get into specifics ... but says her fellow inmates were treated "inhumanely." "I wouldn't wish jail time for my worst enemy," Toya says ... adding, "What I witnessed was so bad that I don't even want to leave the house right now."Toya says she's even considering turning the experience into a positive by working as an "advocate of better treatment for prisoners."As for the speeding ticket, Toya says, "Please believe I'm working on lightening up my lead foot."

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