Monday, November 18, 2013

‘USA Today’ blasted on Twitter for calling ‘The Best Man Holiday’ a ‘race-themed’ movie

USA Today was blasted on Twitter this past weekend — and rightfully so — for their misguided characterization of the friend-themed hit movie, The Best Man Holiday, as a race-based product that shocked film prognosticators with a $30.6 million opening weekend reports Rolling Out.  Spike Lee’s cousin, Malcolm D. Lee, wrote and directed the Universal romantic comedy sequel that debuted against the Marvel superhero sequel, Thor: The Dark World, which took in $38.5 million. When that headline incited a blowback of caustic complaints, it was soon changed to “ ‘Holiday’€™ Nearly Beats ‘Thor’™ as Ethnically Diverse Films Soar.” The original tweet was deleted, too.  To further illustrate their fumbling and bumbling over the topic, USA Today changed the title a third time to simply read: “The Best Man Holiday’ Nearly Beats ‘Thor.’ The damage was done, however, and social media ripped the major national newspaper chain for its ridiculous title and perspective on the movie that scarcely spent a moment discussing race.  Check out some of the tweets.

Sidebar: Really USA Today? Sigh...even when we as black people do phenomenal against all kind of odds we get knocked down again with stuff like this. The fact that they changed their title three times let's you know that they knew they were wrong. Thank God for social media today. For all the bad it causes sometimes it is the best tool to correct stuff like this and get an immediate response. 

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