Thursday, November 14, 2013

NAACP Theater Nominated Sketch Group Says, "We Are Ready" for SNL

Check out our Studio Q interview with the writers and stars of 'Cell Block 7' stage play on the red carpet of The 23rd Annual NAACP Theatre Awards. We discussed their NAACP nomination, and a recent statement by Kenan Thompson, that black comediennes "Were not ready." Well, according to this female sketch group, "We are ready."  Find out just how ready they are in our interview below.

Sidebar: These ladies are definitely ready!  The sketches they do are smart and funnier than most things I've seen on SNL. Kerry Washington's sketches were the only thing I have laughed at since Maya Rudolph did her Beyonce sketch. I hope to see one of these ladies on SNL soon or better yet get their OWN (cues Oprah) show. Go girls! Check out their TV worthy sketches below.

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