Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Studio Q TV Talks to Actress Jenifer Lewis [NEW VIDEO]

It has been a  year since Studio Q TV spoke to the legendary Jenifer Lewis. Our first meeting was in the backyard of her Hollywood home by the pool. This time we talk to Jenifer Lewis on the red carpet of Divas Simply Singing. 
She looked absolutely gorgeous wrapped up in all that floor-length purple. And the natural hair is so stunning on her.  Jenifer Lewis talked to us about HIV/AIDS awareness, her upcoming projects, and the positive reaction she received from a speech she did at a Baggage Claim premiere. We also gave props to her about her role in an independent film The Magic City which is a coming-of-age tale in Miami's Liberty City where young girls take the center stage. It also focuses on mental illness which is one of the reasons why Jenifer Lewis said the film is some of her best work.  We always love chatting with this ageless diva. She always has such quote worthy things to say. Check out our Studio Q interview below and if you never saw our first interview scroll down and watch it. It is a must-watch. She drops so many jewels in that interview that you will walk away rich!

Underneath that fabulous purple are the coolest running shoes. Who needs heels when you're Jenifer Lewis

On The red carpet of Divas Simply Singing

Jenifer Lewis stars in the Magic City
The cast and director of Baggage Claim
Jenifer Lewis at the Baggage Claim premiere

Jenifer Lewis on the set with the cast of Think Like A Man 2 coming out the summer of 2014

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