Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Omarosa Calls Bethenny "Mediocre" [VIDEO]

Bethenny Frankel interviewed Omarosa Manigault of "Apprentice" star for today's episode of her talk show -- and it didn't go well.  According to the former "Real Housewives of New York" star, she booked Omarosa because she likes "talking to controversial people" and she's "intrigued by human behavior." But after three years of insulting each other in the press, the ladies decided to do it in person. Talking out your differences isn't so easy - even on a daytime talk show! 

Omarosa to Bethhenny: "It's different for you and I, I am an African American woman. You get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things. We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business," Manigault-Stallworth said, eliciting boos from the audience. "I wasn't calling her mediocre. Clearly she's doing well. I am here on your show and I think that's fantastic."

Bethhenny to Omarosa:  "I think that you do have a career; I invited you here. I don't think you   have a brand. I think you are infamous; that's what I really think," Frankel said. "I am on 
the show because I want to give a point of view and let you give your point of view. I don't think you have a brand. What is your brand?"

Manigault-Stallworth and Frankel both got their starts on reality TV's Apprentice franchise, and began feuding way back in 2010 when Frankel criticized Manigault-Stallworth's career (or lack thereof, in Frankel's opinion) on The View.

Omarosa to Bethenny:  "Today she tried to act like her show was superior to my new show and her book was superior to my book or her career was superior," Manigault-Stallworth told Perez Hilton at the time. "She is making a living in the world of reality just like me."

Things escalated on the show when Manigault-Stallworth responded. "I am a strong businesswoman who celebrates being smart, and there is a brand in being smart," she said. Frankel shot back, "So your brand is being smart? Omarosa's brand is smart. Is that in your business plan?"

Watch the full exchange right after my long ass sidebar:

Sidebar: I watched the clips and even though Omarosa was booed by Bethenny's audience I am completely on Omarosa's side. Everything she said was TRUE. She even won $10,000 from Bethhenny because Bethenny tried to forget what she said when she told Sherri Shepherd (Omarosa's friend) not to compare her to Omarosa because she had a real career. Chile please! You started on Bravo's Housewives franchise fighting with other women for a living. You turned that around and walah! Just like everyone else in Reality TV. Please do not diss others especially when you did the same thing and especially to their friends. Talk Show 101 know your audience!  And for the record without all of these black guests you would not even have a show right now. I loved the 6 week sneak peek of Bethenny's show, but now that it is on everyday I have returned to what I felt about her when she was on The Housewives show. I did not like her then or on the show with her husband Jason. She has definitely been drinking the Kool-Aid, maybe it's because of the awesome support she is getting from Ellen or wait, it could be selling a cocktail for a 100 million. That would make anyone forget the past. But just because you are rich now we all know where you started. People in martini glass houses should not throw ice cubes. And I'm not saying Omarosa cannot be a handful, because she certainly can be, but she was dead on when it came to you Bethenny. Check out our Studio Q TV interview with Omarosa below. I'm so glad it went better than Bethenny's. Just my 2 two cents but hey it's only 2 cents. You need a lot more coin for it to make a real difference. Lol!

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