Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kanye West to Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Tonight

According to Deadline, Kanye West is the gift that keeps on giving to Jimmy Kimmel as he trains to go head-to-head against the formidable Lorne Michaels, and Jimmy Fallon, in late night. “Kanye and I had a disagreement a couple of weeks ago, and it got a little bit out of hand. Tomorrow night, we will sit down and discuss it like normal people do — on television,” Kimmel said on yesterday's Jimmy Kimmel Live. “It’ll just be us, and Dr. Phil. And neither of us is leaving until this government shutdown gets solved. So if you’ve always wanted to see a talk show host get strangled by a pair of leather jogging pants, join us tomorrow.”  Last month the ABC late-night star did a comedy bit mocking the notoriously thin-skinned West. Too easy, we know, but he did it anyway. On his show, Kimmel had a child perform lines delivered by West during an interview with BBC Radio 1, in which he declared himself the biggest rock star in the world; he also appeared to lodged a complaint against the fashion industry — something about those leather jogging pants.The child was holding a milkshake. 
These two disciples of Aristophanes kept the comedy going for some time. West took to Twitter; Kimmel responded on his show. West suggested Kimmel put himself in his shoes — except, he noted, Kimmel couldn’t do that because “that means you would have gotten too much good pussy in your life.” “I’ve seen the video. I know,” Kimmel responded. West suggested he should do a spoof about Kimmel having shagged Ben Affleck. Kimmel noted his original video about shagging Ben Affleck, “by the way, was a spoof — I don’t know if he thought that was the news.” No matter what Kanye and Kimmel discuss, it should be a great show and definitely one to watch. Tune in 11:35 p.m. EST on ABC and check it out.

Sidebar: I'm really shocked Kanye is going on Kimmel. This should be good for the both of them.  I hope Kanye doesn't become the but of even more jokes.

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