Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kanye West on Jimmy Kimmel Live [FULL INTERVIEW]

West and Kimmel gave more backstory to the nature of their feud. Kimmel said that he felt ambushed by West, as they had always been friendly in private reports The Huffington Post. The talk show host said that he frequently defended West's flamboyant behavior, and told West that much of the criticism brought upon him is self-inflicted.  It was that very friendship that ignited West's rage, believing that Kimmel had betrayed him as a friend by poking fun. "This is the one person I know!" West said, explaining that unlike tabloid writers and gossip columnists, Kimmel was a friend, and he thus directed all his anger towards him.  But the interview climaxed at the very end of the show. Kimmel presented West with a gift of leather running shorts, the subject of the original sketch. This prompted West to go on a nearly uninterrupted stream-of-consciousness rant for several minutes in which he addressed the fashion industry, the civil rights movement, the importance of his family, the nature of celebrity and several other subjects.  Check out the full interview below

Sidebar: After watching this interview I think more of Kanye West and less of Jimmy Kimmel. I totally see Kanye's point once he was able to explain exactly why he was angry towards the spoof. "Dude I know you!" is right.  Jimmy please don't defend me in private conversations then try and play me in public. You don't get to be on both sides of the fence, unless you're a republican. But, I'm sure most people will just think he is crazy after seeing this interview.

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