Friday, October 18, 2013

First Black Designer to Win Project Runway

According to Hollywood Life,  this season of Project Runway was particularly fierce because so many contestants were amazingly talented. Dom Streater persevered through season 12 with one goal in mind: beating out her competition and bringing home the winning title of Project Runway! Now she just has to decide one thing- what to design next!
She will receive a whopping $500,000 to design her next collection, and if it’s anything like we’ve seen this season, it will definitely be fabulous! The final challenge was a difficult one — design “washable fabrics,” along with finalizing the makeup, hair, and fittings before presenting it at the finale during Fashion Week. “I didn’t want to get caught up in the drama, so I kept my distance. I wanted to keep things professional,” she tells us when discussing her big win — and that’s not all! She also became the first African-American to win the show. “I’m honored to be the first, and I want to set an example. But race is not really a huge factor. I’m really happy that I was the first, really honored. I want to set an example, but race should never be a huge factor, I want to be judged on my talent,” she said.  At the finale show, contestants Alexandria, Justin, Brandon, and Dom battled on the runway in front of judges Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, and special guest judge Kerry Washington!  Dom really stuck out during the last presentation because she took risks, (like sticking with bold prints and modern silhouettes), and it really paid off in the end! When she is finally declared the winner, Dom breaks down in tears of joy. Although she is getting a huge sum to start a new collection, she says it’s not all about the money. “It’s not like,\ I need to make money,” she told the judges. “It’s like, I need life. This is my life.”  Throughout the season, Dom said the person who offered the most and best advice was judge Tim Gunn, “ I got more advice from him than anyone else. He told me to be myself and trust my gut instincts, and that really went a long way throughout the competition.”

Sidebar: Wow I cannot believe it took 12 seasons for one black person to win. Congrats Dom! You just made history.  I hope to see your designs flying off the shelves.

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