Saturday, October 5, 2013

Cissy Houston Celebrated 80th Birthday at New Hope Church

Cissy's grandsons John (Gary's son) and Gary(Michael's son) walk her down the isle arm in arm
It really warms my heart to see that Mrs. Cissy Houston was surrounded by so much love, family, and music on her 80th birthday.  Darlene Love, Valerie Simpson, Cissy's grandsons John and Gary and her cousin Dionne Warwick were all on hand at New Hope Baptist church on September 29, 2013 to help her celebrate this birthday milestone in her life. These are the most smiles I have seen Cissy have since Whitney passed. I'm really thankful to see some joy on her face on her special day. Scroll down and check out some photos from that day followed by a video tribute I did in honor of Whitney and Cissy's mother/daughter bond. Happy Birthday Miss Cissy Houston! Thank you for giving birth to one of the best singers ever and sharing her with the world. I know Whitney was there in spirit.
Miss Cissy

I see you Gary. Love that she was surrounded by family on her special day.

Darlene Love

Praise him with a song and a dance

Cousin Dionne Warwick
So happy Cissy had friend Valerie Simpson come out for her birthday
Beautiful program

Love seeing her smile these days

Praise him New Hope
Love that Cissy is still singin. Sang Miss Cissy!

This shot makes me sad because it reminds me of Whitney's funeral.


abadie said...

Whitney a été vite oublié

Quencie Thomas said...

pas par nous