Monday, September 30, 2013

Studio QTV Talks to Omar Dorsey of Eastbound & Down [VIDEO]

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Omar Dorsey has booked a multiple-episode arc on the final season of the Danny McBride comedy, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. 
Dorsey, who recently co-starred in Django Unchained, will play Dontel Benjamin, a flashy former NFL player turned loudmouth talk-show host. He's described as an aggressive, obnoxious person who rarely lets anyone get a word in edgewise.  The role comes as the actor, whose credits also include episodes of Bones, Rizzoli & Isles and Castle and the feature The Blind Side, plays a recurring role on Fox's Greg Kinnear drama Rake, due midseason.  HBO announced in June that Eastbound & Down, produced by McBride, Jody Hill, Will Ferrell, Chris Henchy and Adam McKaywill end after this season's eight episodes. While the premium cable network expressed interest in continuing the series, the creative team thought an endgame was the better plan.  Eastbound's fourth season premiered on Sunday, Sept. 29, at 10 p.m. on HBO. We spoke to Omar Dorsey on the red carpet of the Merge Summit in LA recently. Check out our Studio Q interview with him below.

Sidebar: This is one of my shows. Love that they are adding someone of color to their last season. Better late than never.


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