Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Marvin Gaye's Alleged Grandchildren Perform on X-Factor

According to Euroweb, “There are allegations going around that my brother Marvin had another son,”Zeola Gaye, Marvin’s youngest sibling tells EURweb’s Lee Bailey in an exclusive interview. Apparently, the girl group RoXxy Montana, who made their TV debut recently on Simon Cowell’s show, “X Factor</strong>,” claim heritage to the icon.  “My allegations,” she continues, “and I’m speaking for the family also, is that these allegations are definitely unsubstantiated…We give no credence to it; they are rumors as far as we’re concerned.”  Zeola says that she doesn’t want the media to basically run rampant with this rumor; and put it out there as if it’s a fact.  “What I want to know is has anyone taken a DNA test?, she asks. “And if they have not taken a DNA test, are they willing to take a DNA test? Once that’s done then, and only then, can we stop all the speculation and know the truth…As of September 17th, I only know of two sons that my brother Marvin had which was Marvin Gaye, III and Frankie Gaye. So I want to put a stop, an arrest to all these rumors. We need to get a retraction from them once the truth comes out.”  Zeola, who recently closed a successful tour of the play, “Zeola Gaye’s My Brother Marvin,” based on the life of Marvin Gaye, says that if after the test is done, the young women turn out to indeed be the children of Marvin’s son, the family will embrace them with “open arms.” She does add, however, that she does not believe the relation to be “a fact as of now.” Check out their appearance on X-Factor below.

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