Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kelly Price Announces 'R&B Divas' Tour

According to Essence.com, Both the Atlanta and the Los Angeles casts of R&B Divas are joining forces for one mega tour. Kelly Price confirmed the news to CNikky.com.
"Faith Evans, myself, Brownstone, Dawn Robinson, KeKe Wyatt and Chante Moore! And I know that it raises questions but, you know, again I will make this statement. People are trying to make a television show," said Price. "If there was a danger of anything happening to Chante More being in the same intimate space with me, we would not be going on the road together. And Miss Moore did agree to come on this tour." No tour dates have been announced.

Sidebar: YES! Let's get back to the music. This is a show I would like to see. We love the R&B Divas brand and really want to see them win. Don't believe me? Well just scroll down and check out all of the moments we have captured an R&B Diva or two on the red carpet, in the studio, or at a party.  Enough with the drama real or fake.  A great tour would really strengthen this brand. There are not many who can do what these ladies can do on the microphone and that's what we all love and want to see.

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