Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jill Scott Talks Raising Son on Arsenio Hall Show

Last night Jill Scott sat down with Arsenio Hall to discuss her movie Baggage Claim and raising her 4-year-old son to be a good man. She gave props to her community support system to be a helping hand.
"I am a single mom with a village. I have a village, I have a lot of people. And good people that love us both babysit for me and take care of him –– and me as well. Jet is 4-years old. His name is Jet. Like Jet Black. It is a semiprecious stone. And he’s four and my heart." She goes on to do an impersonation of her cooing son, who butters his mother up when asking for cake; Jill remains principled, fighting off her sons fluttering eyelashes reports Concreteloop.  "I have to find the strength to make sure that I’m a strong parent because I’m raising a little boy –– a little brown boy in America and I want him to have dignity and grace." Check out an interview clip with Arsenio below.

Sidebar: This is why I love Arsenio. Where else are we going to get conversation with Jill Scott? Leno? Kimmel? Letterman? Fallon? Maybe, but I doubt it.  The most we would see is a performance and a Russell Simmons Thank You, God Bless and Good Night! Although I really wished she would have performed last night, because whomever he had on the stage that night was so worth forgetting.Keep bringing people like Jill Scott on the show Arsenio. It is why I tune in! 

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