Monday, September 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Miki Howard [VIDEO]

Happy Birthday to one of our dear friends Miki Howard. She was the first celebrity to let us interview her.   We have loved Miki's music for years so to get our start with her is historic and amazing. 
Miki was so kind and supportive to Studio QTV, which is rare in this industry. We love you Miki! Thank you for your music and being the beautiful and genuine loving person that you are! Please stroll down memory lane with us and watch some of the moments Studio Q has captured with the great Miki Howard. Follow her on Twitter  and show her some birthday love or leave her a Birthday shout out on her website MikiHowardMedia or on her Facebook Page. Miki has been working on a new album "I Choose to Be Happy" and next month you can see her SING LIVE in Hollywood at the Catalina Jazz Club on October 11th, 12th, and 13th.   Miki Howard always delivers such a great show. Click Here to buy your tickets now! Until then check out all of our interviews with Miki below. It won't take you long to understand why we love her so much. If you're reading this Miki, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you! We LOVE us SOME you!


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