STUDIOQTV TWEET Featured in Oprah's Next Chapter Promo on OWNTV

A few weeks ago Studio QTV tweeted during Oprah's Next Chapter show on OWNTV. It was a great episode featuring Phylicia Rashad, Gabrielle Union, Viola Davis and Alfre Woodard discussing black women in Hollywood.  Our tweets were among Oprah's other 20 million followers but out of no where Oprah not only re-tweeted us she replied directly to us thanking us for watching the show! She has 20 million followers - how did she even see OUR tweet? Ah-mazing! Clearly, we had been blessed by the Twitter Gods and were experiencing Twitter magic. A few days later it got even better, we received a direct message from OWNTV about getting permission to use our tweet in a Next Chapter Promo! This most definitely exceeded all expectations!  Our tweet has been featured in an OWNTV promo for a whole week now! The actual Next Chapter show being promoted features Hugh Jackman and airs tonight on OWN. Yes, I will be watching! Who knew that something you tweeted to Oprah would end up on her network for the world to see! What a thrill. This is why we love Twitter! Our Tweet made it to TV! I still cannot believe it, but it's true.  Check out the featured tweet to Oprah in the Next Chapter promo video below: