Saturday, February 25, 2012

Raisin in The Sun

Kelly Price Pre-Grammy Party

Brian McKnight
Adrian Anderson
Block B's
Bobby Brackins
Mo & Kita
KeKe Wyatt
KeKe Wyatt
Anwar Robinson (Season 4 American Idol)
Kenny Latimore, Faith Evans, Anthony Hamilton
Lonny Bereal
Lisa Scinta
Anthony Hamilton
Nicci Gilbert
Jay Giannone
Stacy Francis
Terrell Carter
Faith Evans

I Love You, Whitney.

When Whitney saw me

 When Whitney realizes it's me she opens her arms so wide
for a hug only Whitney can give. I love you Whitney!
Thank you God for this amazing gift. I am forever grateful.
Thank you Whitney for your consistent love and kindness.

 My Last Whitney hug

 Bobbi Kristina & Whitney

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Inside Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party 2012 & My Thoughts about it...

 Jamie Foxx gave a mic to Diana Ross to sing. It was not planned but it was so awkward in the room
I think it was his attempt to change the energy that was felt. However, this party should have been cancelled in my opinion. There is no way to lighten the fact that Whitney passed away only hours prior.
 Diana Ross was honored as an Icon that night. This is Jamie Foxx and Diana trying to make something out of nothing. It was really weird. No matter how hard they tried, it just didn't work. I just hate that they tried. Maybe everyone was still in shock. This is madness.
 Jamie Foxx
 Marsha Ambrosa
 Berry Gordy Founder of Motown
 Brandy and Monica were at the party and scheduled to perform but chose not to. I applaud them.  I don't know how they would have been able to make it through a song anyway. I still wonder how they were able to stay at the party. I would have had to depart or go find Bobbi Kristina. Something!
 Alicia Keys gave a small tribute by singing a few bars to Whitney's 'I wanna Dance With Somebody' and sharing a few personal stories about Whitney.  
 Alicia Keys
 Diddy kept trying to hype people up and say Whitney would want the show to go on and would be sitting in the front row. I disagree. I believe what Chaka Khan said on Piers Morgan, which was Whitney is not the type of woman to say 'Let the party go on' she would have said 'Stop Everything'. I'm sad that they didn't stop everything for her. Whitney was on the 4th floor and they are down stairs partying. Shame. Whitney would have never (in my opinion) went on as planned if she got the news Clive passed away. I could be wrong, but I just don't think so. This was pure madness.
  I wonder what Gabrielle Union was thinking at the party.
Tony Bennett gave a speech and said that we should legalize drugs. 
Yes, he was a hot mess. But at 80 I guess you get to say whatever.
Shame on Clive. He should have cancelled this party. He said the family wanted him to continue and that Whitney would have wanted the show to go on. Yeah right. I beg to differ. How could he even physically make it through  this knowing Whitney was on the 4th floor. 
I'm so amazed that this went on.

Ne-Yo and pit Bull performed like nothing happened. Why didn't the world stop? Well, at least why didn't this party stopped. I was so confused.