Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Houstons Remember Whitney on Lifetime

Last night I watched the Houstons Remember Whitney.  It was good to see how strong Bobbi Kristina is. I am so glad she feels her mother's spirit.  Even though she doesn't know me, it is my prayer for her that she is always comforted by Whitney's spirit.  I loved that there were a few things that I had never seen before in this special, which is always nice as a fan.  I also loved all the rehearsal video of Whitney singing "God Bless America" and her singing one of Kim Burrelle's songs in the car.   I remember Kim saying Whitney used her music as worship music.  I could totally see her doing that as she sang along to a song in the car. This special just made me miss Whitney more.  But I was extremely happy to see the family be able to reminisce and laugh.  Laughter is so #healing.  We will see what their life is like next week when the 12-episode reality show premieres.  This should be interesting, to say the least.

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