Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Faith Evans R&B Divas Album Release Party!

I am real excited to go see Faith Evans sing live. The only time I heard her sing in person was during the Studio Q interview we did with her last month.  Since our conversation the R&B Divas album dropped and Faith's song 'Tears of Joy' is my new favorite jam. I love that song and I am going to be singing it word for word right along with her Friday night at The Social Lite House.  Hopefully, we get a quick interview with Faith to share with you. Until then, scroll down and watch the interview we did with Faith Evans last month.

Happy Halloween! [PHOTOS]

We at Studio Q wish you a fun and safe Halloween!  Above are some awesome Halloween costumes. I'm going as Tan Mom! Who will you be going as for Halloween?

HSN Honors Whitney Houston

Whitney deserves to be honored over and over and over again.  I think the world is just realizing how great a loss we suffered.  I knew the minute I found out she was gone. Some days I am still numb about it.   I am currently working on my own Whitney Tribute and I so can't wait for everyone to see it.  I am taking pointers from everything I am seeing now to ensure I give fans, like me, the most positive Whitney tribute to date.  Seeing love for Whitney warms my heart because Whitney was such an amazing woman who gave so much to the world. I'm just sad it took this long for everyone to zero in on the best and leave the rest. RIP Whitney. We will always love you.

Social Media Captures Damages from Mega Storm Sandy [PHOTOS]

 N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo ‏uploaded this photo and tweeted, "Lobby of 140 West St. (DT #Manhattan) looks like a scene out of #Titanic #storm#surge #sandy"
Mike Hayes uploaded this photo and tweeted, "Roller coaster swept out to sea (Seaside Heights, NJ)"
Gloria Pazmino ‏uploaded this photo and tweeted, "Tony's Pier Restaurant in #cityisland burnt to the ground last night as #sandy ripp @ Tony's Pier Restaurant"
N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo uploaded this photo to twitter and wrote, "Downtown #manhattan hit very hard - pic of Whitehall subway station, Plaza shops #sandy mtainsider."
Nadiya Anderson uploaded this photo and tweeted, "East Village NYC #Sandy #Hurricane."
Rahav Segev uploaded this photo and tweeted, "Cars submerged! @ 80 Broad Street #sandy #nyc #flood #frankenstorm #hurricanesandy."
Kurt Dietrich uploaded this photo and tweeted, "Rainbow touches down in lower Manhattan #hurricane #sandy."
David Blaine uploaded this photo and tweeted, "The street collapsed. #sandy"
Meg Robertson tweeted this photo of a New York City building that had its facade torn off and tweeted, "Across the street from 92 8th Avenue where building facade collapse just happened.

Sidebar: My prayers go out to all who have been affected by the Megastorm Sandy.  The following quote from Mayor of Newark, N. J. Cory Booker describes how I feel. "Battered but not beaten. Without power but not powerless. We stand strong. We stand together. We will persevere." Yes!

Lebron James Championship Ring

According to TMZ Lebron James and the rest of his Miami Heat teammates received their jewelry right before last night's season opener against the Boston Celtics.

Here are the stats:
-- Weighs 115 grams
-- 14 karat white and yellow gold
-- 219 DIAMONDS!!
--LeBron's ring size is 13.5.

Sidebar: Now that's a ring! Oh and BTW...Miami won.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Meet Hurricane Sandy

 A parking lot full of yellow cabs is flooded as a result 
of superstorm Sandy on Tuesday in Hoboken, NJ.

North Carolina 12 is buckled from pounding surf 
leading into Mirlo Beach in Rodanthe, N.C. on Tuesday.
Waves pound a lighthouse on the shores of Lake Erie Tuesday near Cleveland

Cars are submerged at the entrance to a parking garage in New York's 
 Financial District in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, 
Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012. New York City awakened Tuesday.
An ambulance is stuck in over a foot of snow off of 
Highway 33 West, near Belington, W.Va. on Tuesday.
 Glenn Heartley pulls on a rope attached to his car in preparation 
for getting it towed from a creek in Chincoteague, Va., Tuesday.
There is always one guy in Florida unfazed by it all who still goes out
to surf. Looks like Sandy didn't like that and threw him off his board. 
Do not mess around with Mother Nature. She wins all the time.

Jackie Christie Talks Basketball Wives LA

I got a chance to interview Jackie Christie of Basketball Wives LA at Nick Cannon's Masquerade ball last Saturday night at a mansion in Hollywood Hills.  She talks about Monday night's episode and the fight she had with Brooke Bailey.  Check out the Studio Q interview and the fight scene Jackie and Brooke had above.

Sidebar: Jackie seemed really nice to me.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Will Smith & Queen Latifah Partner for New Talk Show

According to Eurweb Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are bringing Queen Latifah back to daytime television.  Their Overbrook Entertainment production company has joined forces with Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television to produce a new daytime syndicated talk show to be hosted by the actress/rapper/singer, according to USA Today’s Gary Levin.  Latifah previously teamed with Warner Bros.’ TelePictures for a talk show that lasted two seasons, from 1999-2001.  Her Overbrook-produced talk show is set to premiere in 2013.

Sidebar: Talk shows are hard and now with Oprah out of the line up we see just how hard it really is.  We also see how amazing Oprah was because there is not one show even close to how great The Oprah Winfrey show was.  Anderson Cooper has already been cancelled, and I see more talk show cancellations in the future.  There are a lot of shows, but none of them are really that good.  I believe Queen Latifah will be a breath of fresh air.  I look forward to putting her show in my daily DVR schedule.  It's so crazy that the two times I even met Queen Latifah was at her old talk show. The picture below captures our first meeting. As soon as I saw the Queen I sang out loud U-N-I-T-Y she laughed and said this girl is crazy! Hence the finger to her head.  Good Luck with your show Queen!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Stevie Wonder & Ne-Yo Release Songs for President Obama

According The Hollywood Reporter Stevie Wonder is the latest star to put his talents to work for President Obama.  The famed singer released a new song he wrote specifically for Obama, called "Keep Moving Forward" on Friday, which highlights the president's record on foreign policy, healthcare and education.
Obama has long professed his love for Wonder's music, and Wonder has repeatedly returned the favor regarding his presidency. Most recently, he performed at a fundraiser for the president on October 7, which included a concert called "30 Days to Victory," and a private dinner thrown by Jeffrey Katzenberg.

This is one of several songs coming out for Obama this week. Bruce Springsteen performed a tune he wrote for the president on Wednesday, while Ne-Yo, Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls, Herbie Hancock, Delta Rae and Natasha Bedingfield performed a new song for the president as well, the similarly-titled "Forward."

Sidebar: I love Stevie Wonder but I like the Forward song better.

An Evening with Shanice

I just got my tickets to see Shanice.  Remember her song "I Love Your Smile?"  I have always loved her voice, but never had the opportunity to see her sing live. That changes after tonight.  Hopefully, I get a chance to do a Studio Q interview with her as well.  If you want to see Shanice perform live tonight or tomorrow check out the flyer above and  click here to get your tickets.  Check back soon because I will be posting my experience of the show including footage so stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mitt Romney's Binder Full of Women

According to Reuters Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney (L) and President Barack Obama gesture towards each other during the town-hall style presidential debate in Hempstead, New York, October 16, 2012. Romney said that as governor of Massachusetts he got 'whole binders full of women' as qualified to work in his cabinet.

Sidebar: Not surprised at almost anything Mitt Romney says, then takes back and says he didn't mean.