Sunday, September 30, 2012

DeVon Franklin Talks Whitney

This teaser is taken from an interview we did with DeVon Franklin after he spoke to an early morning audience at The 4th annual Merge Summit in Los Angeles, CA this past summer. The entire interview will appear in our Whitney Tribute Interview series later this year. You may have recently seen DeVon on OWN TV's Super Soul Sunday. Click below and watch DeVon share how he got the interview of a lifetime with Oprah, the Queen of Talk!

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This is So Sad: Amanda Clayton Lottery Winner Died Of Possible Drug Overdose

According to the Huffington Post ECORSE, Mich. -- Police say a Detroit-area woman who collected welfare benefits despite winning a $735,000 lottery prize has died of a possible drug overdose.  Ecorse police Sgt. Cornelius Herring confirmed that 25-year-old Amanda Clayton was found dead about 9 a.m. Saturday at a home in the community southwest of Detroit.  Relatives of Clayton did not immediately return a phone message for comment.  Clayton of Lincoln Park pleaded no contest to fraud in June and was sentenced to nine months' probation in July. Her attorney has said Clayton repaid about $5,500 in food aid and medical benefits.  Michigan's Department of Human Services says Clayton didn't inform the state about her pre-tax lottery windfall last year.  Gov. Rick Snyder signed a law in April requiring lottery officials to tell Human

Rick Ross and Young Jeezy Brawl At The BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta

According to Rolling StoneA brawl broke out Saturday night at the taping of the BET Hip-Hop awards in Atlanta, the Associated Press reports. The incident reportedly began in the backstage area of the Atlanta Civic Center with pushing and shoving between the camps of Young Jeezy and Rick Ross. The fight soon spilled out into the parking lot, and police were called to break it up at around 7:30 p.m.  Rumors of a wild escalation quickly spread; Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster Flex tweeted from the show, "Shots fired in parking lot!!! Gunman arrested!!!" But an Atlanta Police Department spokesman said there were no arrests, no shots fired, and no serious injuries resulting from the brawl. The scuffle broke out while a tribute to hip-hop manager Chris Lighty, who committed suicide in August, was taking place onstage. According the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, most of the fans inside the Civic Center were unaware of the events taking place outside, though the building was temporarily locked down during the fight.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Faith Evans Talks R&B Divas, Defends Nicci Gilbert, And SINGS just for us!

Studio Q sits down one-on-one with Faith Evans at a recording studio in Hollywood. We talk about being a star of the most-watched original premiere in TV One's eight-year history, The R&B Diva's compilation album, and she defends Nicci Gilbert about last week's episode.   Watch this Studio Q TV interview to get to know Faith Evans in an intimate yet fun way.  Find out things you never heard her talk about until now.  This is a "Must-See" interview.  She even sings something exclusive from her days as a kid growing up in Brick City.  That's Newark, NJ for those of you who don't know. What are you waiting for? Move your mouse up, and click play on this exclusive Studio Q interview, with the original first lady of Bad Boy, and new star of TV ONE's #1 hit reality show, R&B Divas! Make sure you pick up the new R&B Divas album that drops on Tuesday October 2, 2012.  You can click here and pre-order your copy now!  Watch R&B Divas finale on TV ONE October 8, 2012.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

One-on-One with Super Diva Triple Threat Jenifer Lewis

Okay, so why I am so hyped about this interview?  How did we vibe? What did she say?  What did I say?  This is not anything I can write about.  This is something you have to see for yourself.  She is real.  She is deep.  She is funny. She is sad.  She is happy.  When you see, what was supposed to be a interview unfold into a full blown documentary that I lovingly call 'Jenifer Lewis: In Her Own Words,' you will know what I mean when I say it's something you have to see for yourself.  She wasn't in 60 films and 259 TV appearance for nothing.  This Studio Q interview with Jenifer Lewis reminds you just why we all love her so much. Check out my interview with Jenifer below:
Special Thank You to Jenifer Lewis and her Manager, Julia, for agreeing to let Studio Q in her home to do this interview.  It was such an honor