Wednesday, July 27, 2011

George Lopez on Piers Morgan

I like Piers Morgan a little bit.  What annoys me most about him is that he doesn't let people always finish their thoughts. When he does the interviews are so much better. I usually learn something new about the person  he interviews, which is a sign of a good interview. Like I had no idea that George doesn't trust people, he regrets not spending more time with his grandmother, he may run for mayor of Los Angeles, and that he doesn't like Jay Leno. Yeah, I paused at the Jay Leno part too. Turns out that none of the late night guys like Jay. He said that Jay Leno said he wasn't respectful to his people.  Hmmmm I guess women are not the only ones who can get a little catty.

Farewell, Amy Winehouse R.I.P.

This is my favorite Amy Winehouse song. May she rest in peace. 

Raise The Roof and the Debt-Ceiling!

Everyone is talking about the debt-ceiling, but what is it you may ask? One of my friends actually did ask me.  My friends know about the latest episode of Basketball Wives, but debt-ceiling? What the heck is that?!  The debt ceiling is the legal limit on the amount of money the US government can borrow to pay its bills, which includes the salaries of federal employees, federal programs such as Social Security and Medicare (a health insurance program for the elderly), and principal and interest payments to bondholders. The current limit is $14.3 trillion.  August 2, 2011  is the cut off date and if a deal is not reached everyday people who depend on the government for a check won't get one.  Seniors who cannot live without their social security checks may be in great jeopardy of being in crisis. This is all because politicians can't agree?! Republicans are just not willing to raise taxes on the richest people in the country. They would rather take away your grandma's medicare or stop the poor student from being able to get a Pell grant or student loan. Where was all this republican standstill during the whole bailout of the banks? I hate feeling such emotion over something I have no control over.  I'm a democrat who loves Obama and praying that he is able to work out a deal that doesn't hurt poor people.  They need to raise the debt-ceiling, and not default. I'm glad Obama spoke to the nation yesterday, but I wish he was more hard core with the other side. All this compromising talk just seems to be way too nice.  The speaker of the house is defending the rich so they can stay richer, so I hope the president stands his ground for those who can't speak for themselves - the American people. You know, the ones who don't own planes. The government is now as broke as the average American family. And that 1 % percent that was always rich, well their actually richer, during a recession and on the brink of a global economic catastrophe. Go figure?  Now turning from CNN back to Basketball Wives....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony Verdict NOT GUILTY of First Degree Murder

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and my opinion is Wow, I can't believe this verdict! Like the rest of the country, I definitely thought Casey Anthony was headed to jail. She was only charged with misdemeanors for lying to the police and acquitted of all murder charges. What a case this was and the media especially Nancy Grace was a dog with a bone.  Every cable news station had shows filled with opinions.  However, I don't think anyone really saw this coming.  Jeff Ashton, Prosecutor, of the Casey Anthony Trial, said on The View today, that she doesn't feel that he overcharged the case because they truly felt it was a murder case. But the lack of evidence and proving a motive served as the major problems in the case.  The law is not based on emotion it is based on fact. The prosecution did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Casey Anthony killed her daughter Caylee. She was proved to be a liar but not a murderer.  She could go free as early as tomorrow.  The jury deliberated for only 11 hours and came back with not guilty verdict.  Not since the OJ Simpson trial were people so glued to their TV sets and committed to an outcome. In the court of public opinion the jury got it wrong.  Defense Attorney Jose Baez will speak out about the case with Barbara Walters on Nightline tonight. Didn't she retire? She is 80 plus and still doing exclusives. Let it go Barbara! This case was reality TV at its worst.