Saturday, April 30, 2011

I wanna Co-Host with Wendy Williams!

Check out my video submission to be Wendy Williams co-host. It has a Royal theme to it in celebration of William and Kate's royal wedding that took place today. Everyone and their momma talked about it from The View, Oprah, and Wendy.  They all wore hats and had all kind of Royal souvenirs on hand.  They even had the audience participate with their tea hats and flags and what not. I have to admit  this was so annoying.  But if you can't beat' em - join em'. Let's see if Wendy gives me a call or feature my video next week on a show. How you doing?! Wait, maybe I should say, how you hosting?! Co-hosting that is....fingers crossed ya'll. Girlbye!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Watch Me Ask Oprah A question!

I cannot believe I got to ask The GREAT Oprah Winfrey a question BUT I did. I am so grateful that I was even at the show,  but to ask a question that yielded a 6 minute response is amazing. I wonder will this show up on Oprah Behind The Scenes on OWN. We will see! In the meantime click the link and check out  My QUESTION TO OPRAH!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I had so much fun @ The Janet Jackson concert. She is Amazing!

Janet Jackson is such a force to be reckoned with! I wanted to rush the stage and steal her abs. She looks and sounds amazing! What a fun concert to attend. And once again I have Tam to thank! She don't mess around with hooking me up time and time again with a great concert experience.

The Oprah Show I Attended Airs Today!

I am so excited that the Oprah show that my BF, Tam and I attended on April 11, 2011 is finally airing. The show is all about best friends and Oprah's guest is Gayle. We had the time of our lives! If you want to hear all about it check out my previous post. Tam and I did a podcast giving you all the exciting details. But now is when it counts! Yes now is when the show airs. I saw a commercial today and I saw Tam's orange shirt and elbow. We got to sit in the second row, like 3 steps aways from Lady O, so hopefully we will get some TV time. So exciting! I even asked Oprah a question thanks to Tam. I am praying that question will be featured on Oprah Behind the Scenes. We shall see. That would be such a dream come true if it did. Right now, I am just looking to see any part of my body on TV today. Tune in with me! In the meantime take a look at my 
Oprah experience 
expressed in photos below. 
What a blast! 

Sheri Salata, Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Me & Tam
 Lady O is in there!

 How cool are those Oprah pics on the side of the building!
 The front of the building looks just like it does on The Behind The Scenes show!
 The entrance to the Oprah Show. This is where the line begins...

  Tam and I in front of The Oprah Store.
What I end up wearing to the show. Not my intention, (see previous post) but my result. This pic was at taken at my mama's house. Tam and I drove to Springfield form Chicago to say hi to my family snce we were in IL.  It was a 4hour drive so it wasn't close, but oh so worth it! Love my mama!!!!

I got several compliments on my flower ring (Thanks Tam, she bought it) and my shoes. And Oprah wore green and purple that day. So thumbs up!

Friday, April 8, 2011

4 Days Til' Oprah!!!!!! Good Lawd, I'm EXCITED!

O-M-G 4 days until Oprah. Well, it's after midnight as I write this, so actually it's only 3 days. I am losing Twitter followers by the day, because all I want to tweet about is how excited I am to go to the OPRAH WINFREY SHOW! I will probably be down to 2 followers by the day of the show. My Facebook posts have been someone moderate, because I actually know those people and don't want to annoy them too much.  Thank God for my blog! Here, I can write at nauseum, but who really cares, right? It's not like anyone is reading besides me anyway.   I know it's happening, but I still have to pinch myself to believe it's true. This is her 25th Farewell Season, so there is no "I'll go next year." business. This is the bucket list of all bucket lists. What's even more exciting is that I get to go with my best friend, Tam. Actually, if it wasn't for Tam we wouldn't be going at all. She checked that Oprah website daily. I mean this girl was committed and I thank God that she was.  She wrote the most beautiful letter to Oprah about how our relationship resembles her friendship with Gayle.  We were chosen to attend this taping based on being Best Friends. Since she got the email that confirmed our seats, we constantly look at each other and scream, "We're going to the Oprah Winfrey Show!"  For years Tam, has told me how much our relationship reminds her of Oprah and Gayle. So much so, that it would get on my nerves. I have since embraced it greatly. Good thing since it's the sole reason we get to go to the, wait for it- The Oprah Winfrey Showwwwww! I know, I know, I am now the one getting on your nerves. In the words of Ochocinco - Chile, please! I understand. It is crazy being around someone who is thrilled about something that has not happened yet. Think back to Star Jones talking about her wedding on The View, uh yeah, that's me right about now! I know the true meaning of the  "Whistle While You Work," song now.

On the first day after finding out we were going my sole focus was that of every girl "What am I going to wear!" I was on the phone with my dear friend Liz going from one website to another conjuring up ensembles and colors. It wasn't easy either because I have 2 girlfriends (my d cup breasts) that are hard to shop for. A few days later Tam and I made a day of finding a top and a blazer that will cover yet compliment my girls. We spent a day of trying on stuff only to have to take everything back. The blazer I got end up being to big, and the spanx I got wasn't really necessary. They didn't do anything but make me hot and uncomfortable. And with gas over $4 in LA, going back and forth to the mall was painful.  (Sidebar- It's expensive getting prepared for Oprah.) I finally settled on a fuchsia top underneath a denim blazer. Turns out those items were already in my closet.

I originally was going to wear this green sequins top, but (Oprah's favorite color is green) the fuchsia top looks better on me. I know from the picture the green may pop more, but trust me the other one is more complimentary on me.  I hope my choice doesn't cost me a seat closer Lady O. Tam and I are both praying to be right up close with Oprah and Gayle. It will send this trip into outer space if that happens.

Now moving onto the shoes. Even though the red ones have a smaller heel (I like to be tall), I'm going to rock them.  They go well with my shirt. The black ones are, well, too black. I love my shoes. And they are way more comfortable then the black ones anyway.  The blazer and my boot cut trousers that I chose are a little "matchy-matchy," but hey that's me. So now I just gotta get my nails done, hair done, everything did! Oh I'm Fancy, Now! I got my outfit out of the way quick so I could focus on just having a great time. Ya know, being in the moment. I have been documenting the days just like I did during the Presidential Inauguration. O what fun I have had. I have been watching the secret, and all things Oprah, which really is not necessary. I have been watching Oprah since I was 9 years old. She is a part of my consciousness, a friend in my head, well more like an aunt, if you will. So, I just think I'm madd with excitement. I want to send Oprah a thank you card just for us having the opportunity to sit in the audience. I am really grateful to Tam. This was all her doing. She has taught me what it really means to be a friend and have a friend. What has she taught me about myself? That I really needed someone. I knew what it was like to be responsible because I'm the oldest of four. What I didn't know how to do was free-fall backwards. Tam made me know the true meaning of interdependence. I remember Oprah shared how Tyler Perry got on a plane to see her because she sounded different. That's the kind of friend Tam is. She's there when you didn't ask her to be. It is my great honor and pleasure to go to the Oprah show with her and experience history together.  We are getting good at this. First Obama, now Oprah.

We are nearing the big day as each minute goes by. Both of us are so different. Tam was at Macy's today looking for yet another cute shirt to compare wearing to the show. I'm set. Once I decide, I'm good. Tam will be singing, while I will have my nose in a book on the plane ride to Chicago. When she was tweeting Oprah to re-tweet her,  I was trying to come up with thoughtful questions to ask.  Oh yes, we are day and night on some things.  I was heartbroken last week when I unknowingly slept through Oprah's tweet-a-thon. I mean come on! How could I? The week before I tweeted all kinds of questions. This week her Twitter team asked for questions. And on the Master Class too. That is one of my favorite shows on OWN. A missed opportunity that I'm still kicking myself for.  So, I am praying that Tam and I sit close to the stage, and that I get to ask Oprah something. I am an interviewer too, and to get to ask Oprah and Gayle one question would be like a black seventy's movie - Pow! Yes, heaven sent.   I've been praying. Only time and a new post after the show will tell. Stay tuned and in the mean time, I'm going to the Oprah Winfrey Showwwwww! 

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